Greetings fellow inhabitants of planet Earth.

 My name is Daniel, aka Murph, founder of

Murph’s Remedy Emporium


As you may know, our bodies; skin, kidneys, pancreas, stomach, liver, intestines, heart, lymphatic system, brain and et al, are bombarded with chemicals and foreign “stuff” from one source or another daily.


Hmm, disorder of body part, you have. Take this pill. Don’t worry, the side effects should disappear in a little while. If not, we can give you this capsule which will illuminate several of the side effect of pill # 1. But it has side effects too. Not only prescribed chemicals, but they put inorganic substances in there too like fillers and colors.


Two things are better than those inorganic substances, CBD’s & essential oils. The CBD supply chain is already in operation and I’m not going there. I’m going essential oils. It’s like the ocean. We all know it is there but we don’t know what is beneath the surface. The ocean and essential oils should both be further explored. We should taper back on NASA and start looking in to the ocean in my opinion.


I first became familiar with essential oils when I ran a local massage supply store. I sold essential oils but was skeptical of their benefits at first. Over time, I talked with customers who used them and tried them out myself. I soon became a believer!


I sold products that were topical pain relievers, most of which contained menthol as the active ingredient. Menthol works like this. The body hurts and sends a pain sign al to the brain. You put on menthol and it sends a cooling sensation to the brain. When the menthol wears off, the pain is still there because menthol is only masking the pain and does nothing about the pain itself. I also sold ibuprofen gel and lidocaine creme. Both were pricey. Murph's All Pain & Arthritis contains essential oils to relax muscles, release muscle spasms, anti-inflamatories and oil for pain. 


I used the menthol analgesics plus the ibuprofen gel and lidocaine cream and found them ok but still lacking healing qualities. They fight the pain but didn't treat the root cause.  I thought there had to be something better and Murph's Remedies were born!


A note about nomenclature. You will see a lot of the terms base, blend and carrier oil. 


"Base" means the undiluted essential oil blend, the active ingredients. "Carrier" means the substance used to dilute or carry the base. Undiluted, the base is too strong to be used on the skin undiluted. My carriers are either coconut oil, fractionated coconut oil, grape seed oil, hemp seed oil {no THC and won't get you stoned or make you fail a drug test}, alcohol, usually rubbing alcohol or a combination of 2 or more carriers of these or others. Carriers will be noted on the label or on my site in product description. I also provide aromatherapy inhalers for some blends.







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